bavaria 55

The Cruiser 55 marked the beginning of a new generation of Bavaria yachts. Bavaria 55 Cruiser is the perfect mix of high quality, safety, comfort and functional design.

Bavaria 51 Cruiser

Big, bold and beautiful, the Bavaria 51 Cruiser delivers on so many fronts we could only list a few of them: Sailing capability, build quality and strength, modern functional design, fabulous looks, choice of layouts, massive range of options and so much more.


Bavaria 50 Cruiser is a big boat. The cockpit is very similar to the one on 46 Cruiser, but the main difference between them is in the LOA and the beam. It most certainly is one of the best options for a big company of people who dream about sailing Greece.


The 49 is Bavaria's new flagship, and while it might be the biggest and most luxurious of the range, the build quality and strength for which the marque is renowned is hereditary throughout the range.


Bavaria 47 Cruiser is an unique boat built to last and handle everything you throw at it.


Bavaria 47 is an 14-meters monohull center-cockpit fiberglasssloop from Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH.


An ideal solution for sailing Greece with luxury and comfort.

Bavaria 45 Cruiser

Bavaria's new Cruiser 45 will set new standards in the middle market sector for sailing yachts following the Cruiser 55 and the Cruiser 32.

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