Marina of Alimos (1 week)

Day 1: Travel southeastwards, along the Athenian coasts, all the way to cape Sounio. Anchor there and dive into the beautiful waters of Saronikos. Next up, sail into the Aegean, where the temperature of the water will be slightly lower. Continue with Kea set as your final destination. The travelling distance from the Marina to Kea is 38NM. You have finally reached the Aegean and Kea is the closest island of the Cyclades to Athens. Spend the night at bay Vourkari or moor your vessel at the dock there.

Sailing Cyclades and the Argosaronic Gulf for a full week

Day 1: We hand you over your vessel of choice, give you tips and answer any inquiries and you’re ready to set off! Sail across the Attica coastline and head towards Sounio, making sure to steer clear from the reef of Agios Kosmas and the islet of Mirmigia . The travelling distance from the Marina of Alimos to Sounio is 23NM. Anchor at bay Sounio and enjoy the view to the Temple of Poseidon. Use your dinghy to move towards the shore and try delicious seafood and ouzo at the traditional tiny tavern on the beach.

Day 2: After a morning swim, head for Kea. The travelling distance from Sounio to Kea is 15NM. You could stop anytime at bay Koundouros, just watch out for the reef as you get closer. Continue all the way to Vourkari, where you can securely spend the night there and either moor your vessel in the dock or stay off shore in the bay.

Day 3: Set off for Kithnos. The travelling distance from Kea to Kithnos is 20 NM. We strongly recommend that you stop for a swim at bay Kolona, or you could even stay the night. Alternatively, carry on to the port of Merichas or moor in bay Fikiada, next to bay Kolona.

Day 4: Today you will be able to enjoy sailing to the fullest. Go by the Aegean in Argosaronikos and reach Hydra. The travelling distance from Merichas, Kithnos to Hydra is 45 NM. Weather permitting, you can briefly stop at the southern region of isle Ai Giorgis. Spend the night at the picturesque and world famous port of Hydra. More of a loner ? If you’d like to avoid the presence of other vessels in the port, stay off shore in bay Mandraki, a few miles away from the port. Hydra is an island of exquisite architecture and no vehicles are allowed on the streets, so you should definitely stroll around the small, cobblestone roads. Of course, you can discover Hydra the following day.

Day 5: Visit the lushious, green island of Poros in the vicinity of Hydra. The travelling distance from Hydra to Poros is 12NM. Swim at Chelevinia, two tiny isles near the coast of Peloponese. Anchor between the western isle and the coast, because that’s where the waters are mesmerizing. As you leave, make sure the western isle is on your left and go through the isles, so as not to meet with shallow waters. Spend the night in the port of Poros or off shore in bay Rossikos, or even in Neorio.

Day 6: You can visit Agistri or Egina. The travelling distance from Poros to Agistri is 17 NM, while sailing from Poros to the port of Egina is 16NM. Furthermore, the distance from Poros to Perdika is 12NM. 
If you choose Agistri, stop for a swim and maybe some fishing on the southwest side of the island, across island Dorousa. Sail across the western coasts of Agistri and enjoy delicious seafood and tsipouro in the quiet little port of Skala.
If you choose Egina, you will find a lovely, serene little bay on the northwest of isle Moni, perfect for a swim and some moments of relaxation. There is also a similar bay named Klima on the south of Egina. A good idea would be to get to the port of Egina or Perdika relatively early in the afternoon, in order to find a nice spot. Alternatively, you can anchor off shore.

Day 7: Make your way back to the Marina of Alimos. The travelling distance from Egina to the Marina of Alimos is 18NM. Relax and enjoy the cool and calm waters around Egina or isle Nisida, on the south of Egina. We hope you have experienced sailing to the fullest and we will be eagerly waiting for your impressions of the journey.

Marina of Alimos (one-week route)
Argosaronic Gulf

Day 1: If you have just arrived in Athens and need some rest to ease the jet lag, you could enjoy a drink at the marina and visit Plaka right after the sunset. See the Akropolis light up and have a delicious meal next to the archeological site. During daytime, you will get to know how your vessel works and you will have bought any last minute necessities. If you wish, we can take care of the shopping for you. Tomorrow, the Argosaronic Gulf will be there, waiting for you to explore it. Now if you have been looking forward to this journey for a long time and can’t keep your feet on the shore, set off for Poros. The travelling distance from the Marina of Alimos to Poros is 29NM. Since you have already set off early and wish to stop for a swim, you can anchor at Agia Marina, on the east coast of Egina, or at bay Kipos, on the southeast of Egina. At night, you can anchor in the port of Poros or if you wish to stay off shore, we suggest bay Rosiko or bay Neorio.

Day 2: Sail to Spetses. The travelling distance from Poros to Spetses is 28 NM. On your way there, you’ll pass by little isles Chelevinia, two tiny isles close to the coast of Peloponnese. Sail right through them and swim in the lovely waters between the coast of Peloponnese and the western isle. Keep an eye out for shallow waters. If you wish to stop later in the day, you may find that isle Kounoupi is a beautiful spot for swimming, again, near the Peloponnesian coast.
You can anchor at the old port in Spetses and spend the night there. If there are no free spots, you can moor on the right side as you enter the bay and use your dinghy to move towards the shore. Weather permitting, you could also anchor at the new port of Dapia. In case you’d like to spend the night in a bay, a good and safe choice may be bay Zogeria. It is a little further down the way (4NM), so you may need to set off earlier.

Day 3: Visti Hydra, a magnificent island of iconic architecture and strictly no vehicles allowed on its streets. The travelling distance from Spetses to Hydra is 17NM. Choose the small bay north of Dokos to enjoy your wine, swim and sunbathe on board. When you reach Hydra, anchor at the port, possibly on the second row. Alternatively, head for bay Mandraki and spend a quiet night there, just 1 NM away from the port.

Day 4: Head for the serene, rich in greenery island of Agistri. The travelling distance from Hydra to Agistri is 29 NM. Sail along the west coasts of the island and move towards the little port of Agistri. Don’t forget to stop for a quick swim opposite isle Dorousa, on the southwest of Agistri.

Day 5: Ancient Epidaurus is waiting for you, one of the most beautiful regions of the Peloponnese, with numerous archaeological sites, the most famous being the ancient Theater of Epidaurus. The travelling distance from Agistri to Ancient Epidaurus is 11NM. You can briefly stop in-between on the west coasts of Agistri where you will find two small bays. Stop and take in the lovely scenery and forestation that extends all the way to the beach. We suggest that you visit the Theater during the afternoon. Make sure you have moored your vessel at around 5 o’ clock in the afternoon, in order to have plenty of time for your sightseeing. The site remains open until 7 o’ clock and you will need some time transporting.

Day 6: Egina is your final destination before coming back. The distance from Ancient Epidauris to Egina is 17 NM. Head for isle Moni and enjoy the mesmerizing waters there. You can spend the night either at the port of Egina or Perdika, but steer clear if the winds blow west. These are both popular destinations and you should kick start the day early, so that you manage to get to the port in the afternoon and find a vacant spot, after having enjoyed sailing and the sea to the fullest.

Day 7: You should be back in the Marina of Alimos by noon. The travelling distance from Egina to the Marina of Alimos is 18 NM. Stop for a quick swim at bay Klima, isle Moni or alternatively, isle Nisida, north of Egina.

We hope you have thoroughly enjoyed your journey. Our goal is your smile and satisfaction as you disembark.

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