Overview of Sporades Islands


Blessedwith never-ending green and scenic views, the cluster of the Sporades is undeniably one of the most beautiful resorts in Greece.
Here you will find quiet, shady bays to anchor and enjoy the gorgeous, sandy beaches.
Incomparable cleanliness and crystal clear waters is what you will come across in Skiathos, endless pine forests and captivating coastlines in Skopelos, tranquil, traditional corners in Alonisos and shady, hidden beaches that go on for miles in Skyros.
A sight you should under no circumstances miss is the Blue (Galazia Spilia) and Dark (Skotini Spilia) cave in Skiathos. Explore them and be mesmerized by the timeless, natural beauty of the breathtaking reflections. Tie your yacht in one of the many sheltered bays and go for a quiet walk and taste the remarkable seafood at a local tavern. After leisure time and satisfying delicacies, you can always experience the vivid and vibrant nightlife of the islands.

Local variations to the overall weather patterns of the Sporades are the key: from fresh breezes to east and northwest winds that blow down from the head of the gulf and the occasional meltemi. The temperatures are high and there are often rain showers in the spring and autumn.
Sailing Tip: If you are heading north in the spring or early summer, leave before the meltemi begins to avoid a possible depression. There are many safe harbours to take refuge in.

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