Overview of Ionian Islands

Green is the first word that comes to mind.

Luscious, rich vegetation, vast citrus and olive groves, stunning cypress trees that tower over sandy beaches will definitely catch your eye.
The Ionian Islands offer an unparalleled natural beauty; caves and underground lakes, steep slopes and scenic wetlands are some of the many things to explore and discover for a modern-day Odysseus.
The crystal clear waters of the Ionian archipelago will captivate you: Corfu’s emerald sea is unforgettable. So is every sunset from a rocky corner in Lefkada; a quiet little paradise with world renowned beaches. Lie on the golden sands of Cephalonia and be enchanted by the traditional, serene churches and monasteries perched on high cliffs.
The vineyards of Cephalonia give off an enchanting aroma that will accompany you forever. Last but not least, you simply cannot miss Zante, the “Flower of the East”. Your visit to the Shipwreck and the Blue Caves will be one of the most memorable of your life.

Light northwest winds usually arrive around noon and gradually die off at sunset. The climate is sunny until the end of September with the occasional rain that helps preserve the prolific greenery.
Sailing tip: The northwest wind will not normaly get up until around midday, so if you leave early in the morning you can make up ground or motor to destinations in the north.

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