Overview of Dodecanese

Sunshine: the key word to the stunning Dodecanese.


The islands of the Dodecanese are bathed in the sun and also withhold a great piece of Greek history: Kos is abundant with archaeological sites such as the world famous shrine of Asclepio, the old town of Rhodes is the largest inhabited medieval town in Europe and St. John received his divine revelation and wrote the Apocalypse on the holy grounds of Patmos. Even after five centuries of Ottoman, British, Italian and German occupation, the Dodecanese have retained their strong Greek culture and identity. The islands of the Dodecanese are diverse and vary from luxurious to almost volcanic; the large spectrum of landscapes will take your breath away. The dominant nightlife in Kos and Rhodes is counterbalanced by the isolated shores and citrus groves of Karpathos and the rich coral reefs of Kalymnos. Moreover, the most beautiful secret of the Greek islands lies in the Dodecanese: Nisyros. This captivating island with infinite moonscapes and a dormant volcano is definitely worth a visit

Again, the infamous meltemi blows relatively strongly from June till October. It does not blow every day, but may blow without a break from five to ten days. The temperatures are very hot, despite the reief of the meltemi.
Sailing Tip: Leave early in the morning before the meltemi is established. I the spring and autumn you are likely to pick up southerlies.

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