Overview of Cyclades

The Cyclades are undeniably the sister queens of the Aegean kingdom...


Surrounding the ancient centre of trade and worship, Delos, the Cyclades make up an exquisite mixture of culture, tradition and untouched natural beauty. Enjoy the cosmopolitan Mykonos, watch the magical sunset in Santorini, admire the picturesque Venetian neo-classicals of Syros, experience the religious atmosphere of Tinos, lie on the golden beaches of Paros, visit the magnificent ancient ruins in Naxos. Cyclades provide limitless possibilities for every avid holiday lover; each and every corner is diverse. Probably the most popular tourist destination, the Cyclades can and will satisfy everyone: from the most experienced traveler to the new yachting holiday enthusiast. White traditional houses, rocky paths, unspoiled beaches, local delicacies and above all, the ever-shining, dominating sunshine: the Cyclades offer it all.

The meltemi here may blow for one to three days straight or for a couple of weeks at a time. In the summer, the temperatures are high and there is little to no rain at all.
Sailing Tip: Route planning is a matter of going east or west. Going east through the Cyclades is generally preferable to going west when the meltemi is blowing.

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