Sailing Cyclades Itineraries

Marina of Alimos (1 week)

Day 1: Travel southeastwards, along the Athenian coasts, all the way to cape Sounio. Anchor there and dive into the beautiful waters of Saronikos. Next up, sail into the Aegean, where the temperature of the water will be slightly lower. Continue with Kea set as your final destination. The travelling distance from the Marina to Kea is 38NM. You have finally reached the Aegean and Kea is the closest island of the Cyclades to Athens. Spend the night at bay Vourkari or moor your vessel at the dock there.

Day 2: Visit Syros. You can stop at the north of island Yaros for a quick swim or northwest of Syros at bay Grammata. The travelling distance from Kea to Syros (Ermoupolis) is 38NM. If the winds blow north, over 6 beauforts, we suggest you spend the night at bay Phinikas at the southeast part of the island. There may possibly be a swell at the port of Ermoupoli. The travelling distance from Kea to Syros (Phinikas) is 34NM. You may swim there, if you wish. There is an accommodating little port at Phinikas or you can alternatively stay off shore inside the bay.

Day 3: Set off for Sifnos. The travelling distance from Syros to Sifnos (Kamares) is 33NM. If you’d like to stop at a picturesque creek, we definitely recommend the creek right before you reach bay Kamares, coming from the north and heading towards the south. The creek’s name is Gialousa, but it isn’t mentioned in all maps. The port at Kamares is relatively small, so you should try to get there early in the afternoon. You can swim there as well, or stay off shore inside the bay. You should always drop as many meters of chain as you can, no matter how weak the wind, since winds could blow strong during nighttime and wake you up from your much needed sleep!

Day 4: Head for the northwest. We have especially designed these routes, keeping light leeward in mind, should you travel windward. Thus, the travelling distance from Sifnos to Serifos (Livadi) is 13NM. You can also spend the night at bay Koutalas, south of the island, where you will find a beautiful beach. Usually the winds blow strong there due to the etesians, but no waves are formed. Make sure you have anchored safely and enjoy the scenery.

Day 5: Your last Cycladian destination before going back is Kythnos. The travelling distance from Serifos to Kythnos (Loutra) is 25NM. Bay Gaidouromandra, southeast of Kythnos is splendid for a swim and some rest, and so is bay Kanala and bay St. Stephanos, a bit more northwards. The little port at Loutra is very picturesque. Try to get there early and enjoy your swim in the warm natural spas, or find a spot on the beach where the water washes out warm. The local people will be more than happy to show you around.

Day 6: Sail round Kythnos and visit the port of Merichas at night. The travelling distancefrom Loutra to Merichas is 12NM. We strongly recommend a stop at bay Kolona for a swim. If you’d rather stay off shore instead of docking at Merichas, we suggest bay Fikiada or spending the nightat bay Kolona.

Day 7: It’s time to get back to the Marina of Alimos. You probably have to get there by afternoon. The travelling distance from Kythnos (Merichas) to the Marina of Alimos is 46NM. You will enjoy sailing sideways since you will be travelling westwards and winds blow north mostly. If you’d like to stop for a while, you will find the Temple of Poseidon at the east side of bay Sounio. You can anchor there and relax, then sail towards the Marina of Alimos. No need to hurry, we will be there, waiting for you. 

You could follow the same route, should you begin and end your journey from the port of Lavrio. You would travel shorter distances on the first and final day but you’d be a long way from the center of Athens, in case you’d like to visit downtown too.

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