Meet Charter Sailing Yacht

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Askany person what the word yacht means and the vast majority will paint a picture of glamour and luxury.
It is true that the yacht has always been associated with prosper, but to us, a yacht is a lot more. Deriving from the Dutch word jacht meaning hunt, we see yachts as a hunt for adventure, a thirst for new and exciting destinations, and above all, an undying love to explore the great blue. We are driven and inspired by the crystal clear waters of the Greek seas and mesmerized by the untouched beauty of the Greek islands.

Sail Greece with us and discover the diverse magic of the Cyclades, the green haven of the Ionian, the cosmopolitan yet traditional Dodecanese, the historic shelter of the Saronic Argolic Gulf. Taste the salty waves and find your place under the Greek sun. Sail Greece and escape into the turquoise sea. If you are looking for that long lost paradise, we know how to take you there.

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